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1950 JAGUAR XK120 Roodster chassis number 670 809 as it arrived at the workshop, held together with tape and rust.

The photos show some of the work striping the car and rebuilding the bodyshell on the restored chassis.

(A PictonSportsCar permormance exhaust manifold can be seen in one of the photos)



We rebuilt and modified this car during the `90ies for one of our costumers. It´s final specification included:

  • Triple carb 3,8  -  300 BHP  -  Engine

  • 4 syncro overdrive Jaguar gearbox

  • Fabricated removable cold airbox in the O/S/F wing (Show in the black&white photo)

  • Discs all around with 4 pot front calipers

  • Rack and pinion stearing

  • 6 inch front bulkhead extension for drivers leg room,

  • Side exhausts fitted under a short passenger door, behind a louvered removable sill 

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